A Healing Centre For The Destitute

     Thanal Orphanage under Abhaya Charitable Society is a Healing centre for the destitute who were driven out from the families in their old ages. Rhythemic union of various members under a shelter makes a good family. When this rhyme lost its fluency the family life became worse. Among various stages of man he/she needs much care in old age. But the attitude of our society towards the old peoples is become worse and we neglect them fully. There have many old peoples who wandered in the streets for love and care after a life's hardous effort to mould a good and precious life for the followers. We aimed to be a help to them and provide support to them.

Our motto

We aimed to provide them what they needed and what they lost in the passage of time. These include home, family,love,care and sufficient food. Treatment facilities and more than every thing they need the approval We seek your help in these grounds to help them. If you have a little bit of love and sympathy in the depths of your mind, we can construct together anew world to them and thus an awareness to those peoples who live in this world without bother about this. When we do this we will be blessed. To be a chain in this effort to make a social awareness we expect you with us.