About US

    Dwaraka is a historical place which witnessed for the reign of feudal lords and many memorable events, is on the side of Calicut Mananthavady
route.Our small heaven is about 1 K.M from Dwaraka town and is in a rented small house in the outskirts of a hill near Pathilkunnu colony.

    We have 21 inmates and they are driven from the families due to various greeds and are proved to be pearls of wisdom. They have great sighs about the pains and agonies they suffered vainly for to provide wealth to their children. They were drive out from the family by them for whom they submit their life and health.They have great stories behind them.

     In the midst of greedy and unhealthy thoughts,there have small sparks of virtues and heavenly thoughts. When such thoughts of some peoples are shared and linked together there arouse  the Abhaya Charitable Society. This society runs this esteemed firm today. Kalyani Teacher, a retired employee is the first spark behind this. Now it is controlled and maintained by a team of 9 Executive members under the leadership of Mr: Mathew M.C.

    Today we have 21 inmates with 10 male and 11 females. Most of them are above 86 years of age and have various diseases and need care and support always and are from broken families. We need sufficient food, cloth, medicine to them. In addition to this we need to pay the rent. The rooms are not spacious enough. We can’t made changes in the house because it is rented.

    For to cover one month we need around Rs 30,000 for food, rent and medical aid. For other expenditures including phone bill, current bill, firewood and cooking gas we need around Rs 5000.
If any of our inmates is admitted in the hospital this expenditure is mounded as high beyond limit. For to carry the diseased to the nearest hospital we want to travel 6 K M .As we have no vehicle facility we hired the vehicle .At night the availability of the vehicle  always a problem to us. 

    We maintain all these expenditures with the help of our dears and nears. There have many good peoples in the society who did their possible helps to us in farming, cleaning and other works. But they cant afford this expenditures fully. So we need much help from others.Even though we have proper registration under the Government of India and Government of Kerala and Orphanage board we can’t claim for the grant for it is not sanctioned for the rented orphanages.Unluckly ours is in a rented building. So most urgently we need some property and a permanent building. There have much orphanages and old homes in our society and ours is a different and lively one with the care and virtuous style in the working. This is the prominent importance of us and it provides the support from other and this support help us to overcome these troubles.