The committee has now in a great debt. When we start this home in 2001 our capital is strong mind and great faith upon the peoples. It still empowered our paths. Now this heaven is in a great threat. We can't run this smoothly. The running expenditures are too high. The building is in the threat of ruin. Now we need help from others on various grounds.
Building - 60,00,000/-
Vehicle - 3,50000/-
Medicine - Around Rs 600 to 1000 needs for medicines daily
Food - 1000/- daily
Salary - 4000/- per month

  • Account Holder :  
  • Abhaya Charitable Society
  • A/c no. : 32984019786
  • IFSC Code : SBIN0010699
  • SBI, Mananthavady Branch,
  • Kerala, India

    It is our most important need to be fulfilled. Without a spacious building we can't run this firm any longer. We need a huge amount of money for that. We did many efforts to rise the funds. But they are not fully satisfactory. An approximate estimate for building and property is about Rs 59, 00,000.For to complete this dream project We need more than Rs 60, 00,000.Those who have the heart and ear to saw and hear the pangs of these old peoples are expected to donate. We have the certificates of 80 G 5 and 6. So the 50% of donations are free from taxes.

    Most of our old peoples can't walk. For every visit to hospitals and towns we hired vehicles. Their availability is not satisfactory. Some times we can't take them to the hospital on nights. More than that we have many dieing peoples here. Their cemetery is 7 KM from the house. No vehicles are ready to carry the dead body   For to carry the body to there we need a vehicle. We expect Rs 35, 0000 for a new Van.

    Old age is a period for diseases. Everyone here needs daily medicine. Diabeties, Asma, High B.P, Fever are our brothers If we have checking kits here we can avoid hospitals for little. Around Rs 600 to 1000 needs for medicines daily. Some medicines are to be kept here as precautions

    Life long sufferings and hard works donate poor health to this poor Destitute. We can't give them more sufferings. They need proper coat and bed for sleep. The furniture here is donated by many and they are not in good condition. So we need some new furniture for them and for the office.Eventhough there have many old peoples who need our help we cant afford them due to the shortage of furniture. If we have enough furniture and space we can accommodate more

     Our income is limited but our expenditures are high. The sources of income are restricted to donations and gifts. We need Rs 1000 for ordinary food daily and Rs 1500 for special food. Rs 600 are needed daily for medicine. Phone bills, Electricity bill, Fire wood, Gas, Clothes are other hidden expenditures. Salary for Two persons needs Rs 4000. To maintain all these some times we struggled much. We cant go further like this .So we need some help. We accept sponsors for days and for months.